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Doctor Who: Flux introduced viewers to Bel and Vinder – where are they from and why did the Doctor react so strongly to Bel’s pregnancy?

This article contains spoilers for Doctor Who: Flux episode 6.

Doctor Who: Flux Episode 6 gave Bel and her lover Vinder a “Happily Ever After” – but left more questions about them unanswered. When Tecteun unleashed the Flux on the universe, she destroyed most of the cosmos. A desperate handful of survivors scattered among the stars – and Thaddea Graham’s Bel was one of them. Believing that her beloved Vinder (played by Jacob Anderson) was still alive, she and her unborn child journeyed across the universe to find him.

The Cursed Lovers got their “Happily Ever After” thanks to the Doctor, when Bel was forced to come to the defense of Earth because the Lupari needed his stolen ship. She proved to be a competent ally of the Doctor, with the device she carried – which allowed her to communicate with the child in her womb – hacking into the Sontaran systems. She was happily reunited with Vinder when her lover sent a desperate plea for help to the TARDIS, and the end of Doctor Who: Flux Episode 6 saw the two decide to continue traveling the post-Flux galaxy together, accompanied by Karvanista. It is not known if the Bel and Vinder story is really over; running Doctor Who Showrunner Chris Chibnall leaves after the next three stages, which means any comeback will likely be sooner rather than later.


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Little is known about Bel’s species. His homeworld appears to have been part of a vast galactic empire ruled by the Great Serpent, but it was ravaged and apparently destroyed by the Flux, forcing the Great Serpent to ally with the Sontarans in an attempt to conquer Earth. This mysterious, as yet unidentified race appears to have been fairly present across the galaxy, and they were familiar enough with technology such as the Passengers to recognize them on sight. Both Bel and Vinder were well trained, with Bel facing armies of Cybermen on his quest for Vinder. She was wise enough to know not to mess with the Daleks, however.

Bel looks for Vinder in Doctor Who: Flux

The Doctor was delighted to learn that Bel was pregnant, but the strength of her reaction seemed oddly out of proportion considering that she had just met Bel at the time and had no idea she was related to Vinder. But the likely reason is that, unlike viewers, the Doctor has identified his species. Doctor Who: Flux Episode 6 established that the Doctor has unusual powers of perception, feeling two hearts beat in the Great Serpent’s chest and discovering his true nature. It is reasonable to assume that she was also able to identify Bel; she had visited Bel’s homeworld before, and knowing that a new child was being born was a small ray of hope in a dark galaxy.

Doctor Who: Flux seemed to give Bel and Vinder some significance to the story, but in the end, they felt more like secondary characters, written into the narrative to add a human element to the Flux’s tragedy. The mismatch between setup and delivery has led to much speculation among viewers, with some even suggesting that their unborn child was the timeless child herself, transported through space and time. It seems unlikely, given that Tecteun confirmed the Doctor’s multiversal origin, and the Doctor certainly would have felt some connection with them. While it’s possible that Bel and Vinder will actually return after Doctor Who: Flux, in Chibnall’s three remaining specials, in truth, they just seem to have been background characters that have been over-exaggerated.

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