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By on June 22, 2022 0

Photo submitted Load restrictions have been applied to a bridge in Donnybrook after an inspection. The bridge is scheduled for replacement.

A planned bridge replacement at Donnybrook, which is expected to disrupt local traffic once work begins next year, is already disrupting air base travel.

Ward County was recently advised by state bridge inspectors that the bridge on County Road 5 will need to be limited to maximum loads of 30 tons. With this load limit, the Missile Wing at Minot Air Base will no longer be able to use the bridge. Larsen said the county is working with base officials to locate an alternate route.

Larsen said the Department of Defense was interested in helping replace the bridge and offered 80% funding for preliminary engineering, with the goal of bidding the project next spring. The design budget is $200,000. The county is seeking grants for the project, Larsen said.

The commission approved advertising for engineering services and entering into a cost-sharing agreement with the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

Larsen said the bridge is the only load-limited bridge on the county’s highway system. The county’s goal is to have no load-limited bridges, he said.

Bridge inspectors have found other bridges in the county that will need work over the next 10 years, including two others eligible for replacement, Larsen said.

In other cases, the commission selected EAPC to provide architectural services for the design and construction of an equipment storage building for the Ward County Department of Highways. The intention is to finish the design this fall and leave submissions before the end of the year.

The commission accepted Hanson’s Excavating’s bid of $162,900 to demolish the Olson Flats and Ying Bin Buildings in Kenmare. The bid was $34,329 higher than estimated, prompting the commission to transfer additional US federal bailout bills to cover expenses.

The county currently has an unallocated balance of $55,258 in its ARPA account. The county received more than $13 million and allocated the money for internal projects and grants to cities, townships and nonprofit organizations.

The commission holds the balance as a reserve, which could grow before eventually being re-appropriated. If grant recipients are unable to meet the December 2025 project completion deadline or do not have the required local counterpart, they will be required to return their grants. The town of Des Lacs recently turned down an $80,699 sewer grant.

An ARPA allocation report provided to the commission showed 21 culvert and bridge projects for $1.17 million; five gravelling projects for $120,500; five park projects for $126,185; eight water and sewer projects for $3.43 million; 12 first responder projects for $365,259; five road projects for $146,900; three city improvement projects for $47,875; eight public health projects for $291,042; three housing projects for $2.1 million; and four tourism projects for $125,654. Internal funds to be spent by the county total $5.1 million. The county has set aside $100,000 if needed to supplement the $350,000 planned for a Youthworks facility.

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