The Boys star auditioned as another character to land Soldier Boy

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The boys Newcomer Jensen Ackles’ new character is a far cry from his previous character, the supernatural unlikely hero and demon hunter, Dean Winchester.

The actor has now adapted to play a macho, shield-wielding Captain America-like character – Soldier Boy – on The boysand he fought hard to land the role.

Talk to digital spy and other media about his audition process, Ackles admitted he wasn’t even initially longlisted for the role.

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“It was a big role for Season 3. They knew it was coming,” Ackles said. “It was right before the end of Season 2 – the studio was already coming up with a shortlist of names, which I wasn’t on.”

It was only during an informal conversation with Supernatural and The boys creator, Eric Kripke, that the opportunity arose for him to step in the door.

“I was talking to Kripke about something unrelated, and then I just mentioned that I’d already seen the first season. I was like, ‘Hey, mate, I’m about to get some. finish with Supernatural. Do you have something for me there?’.

“And he kind of paused and said, ‘You know what? Yeah. Maybe. I’m going to send you something. Let me know what you think.'”

It only took reading “three lines” of Soldier Boy’s audition scene for Ackles to come back to Kripke with a simple “Who do I kill?”.

However, the showrunner was quick to punish the actor. He warned that the audition process would be “an uphill battle because there’s not much I can do, but they’ll want to have a strong influence on who they bring in for this role.” And Ackles wasn’t on any of their lists.

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Still, the actor’s response was, “‘Listen, if you think I have a chance in hell, then I’ll take that chance.'”

So in the summer of 2020, when a pandemic raged outside and people around the world were isolated in their homes, unable to set foot outside for anything other than groceries, Ackles attempted to film a two-person hearing.

“I had to put myself on tape, and it was a scene with Soldier Boy and Butcher,” he said. “And all I had at my disposal was my wife. Her reading of Butcher’s lines was not up to par.”

“You have to show me this one day,” said the butcher himself, Karl Urban.

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“So what I did,” Ackles added, “I recorded all of Butcher’s lines, doing my best Butcher, and then I played it back while I was doing Soldier Boy’s lines in front the camera.

“And that’s how I made the tape. I sent it to Kripke, and he had some notes, and we went back and forth a couple of times.”

Feeling satisfied, the creator took the tape “up the ladder” with Ackles’ parting words.

“I was like, ‘Go with God,'” the actor recalled. And luckily, shortly after, Kripke “came back and said, ‘They signed you. Welcome to the show. “”

Lo and behold, Soldier Boy has been found.

The boys seasons 1 and 2 are available in full on Amazon Prime Video. Season 3 will air on June 3.

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