The 20 best action movies of 2021 ranked

By on December 9, 2021 0

I imagine this list already has readers wondering what my definition of an action movie is, and “Riders of Justice” will only compound the problem. Oscar winner Anders Thomas Jensen’s latest film is reportedly a thriller starring Mads Mikkelsen that heads down into an existentialist comedy starring some of Denmark’s best actors without either picture or image. do neighborhood.

What results is somewhat of a tonal shock to the system in which the action beats occur, but they are still surprisingly. Laughs come, but are often tearful, and the end product is unclassifiable yet strangely satisfying on almost every front imaginable. It’s the equivalent of hearing Frank Zappa for the first time and realizing that, yes, this is rock music. Here’s the other thing about Frank Zappa: he’s awesome. And “Riders of Justice” is a great movie, arguably the best on this list, if not the most action-packed.

In an article on cinema for the Guardian, Walter Murch described what cinema achieves as “paradoxical mass intimacy,” one that comes from each member of the audience with an idiosyncratic experience that is also universal. “Riders of Justice” asks questions viewers can only answer in a very personal way, but it sprinkles them with thrills, big laughs, and all the other things we love action movies for. To paraphrase “Star Trek”, it’s action movies, Jim, but not as we know it. “Riders of Justice” belongs to this list, and top of the list. Don’t be surprised if this earns Jensen another Oscar next year.