Soldier Boy Might Have A Secret Ally In The Seven

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The Boys Season 3 will add Soldier Boy to Vought’s ranks, and he will compete for the position of Homelander. Could the other seven members lend a hand?

Could Soldier Boy get help from inside the Seven to take Homelander’s place? The boys season 3? When Amazon last met Billy Butcher and The Boys, Vought was recovering from a PR disaster. Once upon a time, Homelander couldn’t do anything wrong, but after a series of public explosions and a romantic entanglement with a Nazi, his popularity began to crumble. Finally, Queen Maeve took the opportunity to blackmail Homelander into submitting, leaving the Leader of the Seven in a much more vulnerable position than he is used to. The news is only getting worse for Homelander, as The boys Season 3 will feature Soldier Boy, played by SupernaturalIt’s Jensen Ackles.

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The comic book iteration of Soldier Boy is a parody of Captain America from WWII, very similar in its presentation to Homelander, but not so depraved. Soldier Boy is a cowardly, naive superhero who is desperate to join the Seven, doing whatever Homelander asks of him in the hopes of a promotion. From what we know of Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy in The boys season 3 (and given the downfall of Homelander), Amazon’s Soldier Boy could try to fight his way into the leadership position of the Seven instead of succumbing to Homelander.

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With another patriotic hero vying for his place, Homelander could benefit from the support of his colleagues at The Seven. Unfortunately, support will likely not be available. Each member of the Seven has some sort of ax to grind against Homelander. Maeve still suffers from the mental torment she and Elena were subjected to and would take any opportunity to throw Homelander with both hands. Starlight, meanwhile, is indeed another member of The Boys at this point. Butcher could decide that Soldier Boy is the lesser of two evils and conspire with Jensen Ackles’ character to kill Homelander, exploiting his Starlight connection to get Soldier Boy’s foot in the door.

The boys season 2 Homelander and Starlight

While Maeve and Starlight are the suspects most likely to help Soldier Boy kick Homelander, other members of the Seven could turn on their leader. Although he was reinstated thanks to the Church of the Collective, A-Train was unceremoniously expelled from the Seven in The boys season 2 by – who else? Homelander. Having been stabbed in the back so spectacularly, A-Train would no doubt jump at the chance to reciprocate by helping Soldier Boy. And she might not be a member of the Seven anymore, but Stormfront is still alive (pretty much) in The boys season 3. She might seek a measure of revenge against her ex-boyfriend after their plan for world domination is called off, and Soldier Boy might be desperate enough to listen.

So far, Homelander has inspired such fear in his Seven colleagues, none have dared to move against him. Even after Queen Maeve plucked up the courage to blackmail the Milkman, she didn’t go so far as to demand his resignation. Partly, that’s because Homelander is just too valuable for Vought, but the emergence of Soldier Boy is a game-changer – suddenly there is a viable alternative to the current regime. And with the character of Antony Starr at an all-time low, Maeve, A-Train, and Starlight have a golden chance to replace their shared nemesis with someone who doesn’t have fun on top of skyscrapers or burns skyscrapers. holes through innocent passers-by.

The idea of ​​someone within the Seven actively working to get rid of Homelander creates a fascinating new dynamic for The boys season 3. Whoever’s the Mole will take a huge gamble – like stepping into the KFC-covered lion den – but the opportunity Soldier Boy presents might be too good to resist. If any members of the Seven conspired against him, it will be interesting to see if Homelander would still be portrayed as the villain. With the introduction of Ryan in season 2, The boys took a few tentative steps to humanize Homelander. If Soldier Boy caused his downfall by slyly infiltrating the Seven, The boys may, intentionally or unintentionally, invite viewers to feel sympathy for Homelander.

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