Picard season 2 focuses on mental health

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Star Trek: Picard star Isa Briones provides a look at the upcoming Season 2 and how it approaches the characters in new and compelling ways.

Star Trek: Picard Star Isa Briones says season 2 focuses on the sanity of the characters. Patrick Stewart’s triumphant return to Star Trek The franchise first premiered in early 2020 and introduced viewers to an older and more tired Jean-Luc Picard. Season 1 of Star Trek: Picard saw Jean-Luc settle in alongside a new crew while facing a galactic crisis over synthetic life forms. The series was renewed for season 2 even before the premiere, but unfortunately PicardThe second race was delayed somewhat by the coronavirus pandemic.

With production on Star Trek: Picard With season 2 taking place earlier this year, the series is slated to return to Paramount + in February 2022. As the trailer created on Star Trek day reveals, Picard and his team will find themselves facing a whole new crisis, one that now involves time travel. In fact, co-showrunner Akiva Goldsman even confirmed that season 2 was inspired by the movie. Star Trek: The Journey Home, a classic adventure in which the crew of the Enterprise travel to the 1980s to save the future.

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Briones, who plays Soji (among other characters) in Star Trek: Picard, recently sat with TrekMovie.com for a preview of the upcoming season. The actress has revealed that what she likes best about the new episodes is the way they show the characters in a new light. It’s done through a new focus on mental health, which Briones says sounds like a relatable story these days. Briones said:

I would say my favorite thing is that we see these characters in a new light. And there’s a big emphasis, I think, on mental health, of course. We see these characters go through tough times and really lean on each other and prioritize their own sanity in order to save everyone. And I think that’s a very relevant script and a script that we need right now.

Star Trek is arguably at his best when connecting his complex sci-fi concepts to real, relevant problems. This is a franchise that’s built on deeper themes of acceptance and exploration, and with its characters so often facing impossible obstacles, it makes sense that there is a conversation about the way they deal with these things. For Star Trek: Picard in particular, Season 2 already seems like a great time to dig deeper into this because of all the things the characters have already dealt with. Picard, for example, actually passed away in Season 1 and will start Season 2 in a new synthetic body. This is sure to leave an internal trauma.

Just hope the creative team behind Star Trek: Picard will treat these subjects sensitively. They need to find a smart way to balance the character-focused moments with the action that will surely be included in Season 2. After all, Picard and the others will soon find themselves in an alternate totalitarian future, a situation that will leave them in the dark. more than a few precarious situations. From Briones’ comments, it appears that Star Trek: Picard takes a fresh take on season 2 – and it sounds very interesting.

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Star Trek: Picard returns to Paramount + in February 2022.

Source: TrekMovie.com

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