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Petition: ask the OFS to dedicate its commitment to protecting endangered species

By on September 20, 2021 0

We have some rare good news to start a petition: San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has reserved and fenced in a 180 acre parcel of its land to protect the garter snake, an endangered species native to the San Francisco Bay Area. So why do we collect signatures? One Green Planet is helping to rally voices, not only to thank SFO, but to encourage the airport to legally deliver on its pledge.

Garter snakes are known for their beautiful blue, red and black coloring. According to Fish and Wildlife Service, “The preferred habitat for snakes is a densely vegetated pond near an open hill where they can sunbathe, feed, and find shelter in rodent burrows.” And they feed California red legged frogs, which are themselves an endangered species. This makes SFO Plot 180 a surprisingly perfect place for the endangered animal to thrive.

While the garter snake has been listed as endangered for decades, the airport has helped rehabilitate the population, and the plot is currently home to around 1,300 snakes: one of largest populations of garter snakes that currently exists in the United States. According to Guardian, the airport is committed to continuing its conservation efforts and has so far delivered on its promise. But benevolent efforts are subject to the vagaries of business and politics. You can Sign this petition encourage the OFS to make its pledge to protect the garter snake legally binding.

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