New crisis over zoning of PDP presidency, members demand open competition

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There is further unrest over the zoning formula proposed by the People’s Democratic Party zoning committee headed by Governor Ifeanyi Ugwanyi.

PUNCH met in Abuja on Sunday, saying that while party members in the north have yet to agree on which part of the zone should produce the next national president, the prevailing opinion is in favor. from the center-north.

It was also found that members of the southern party are uncomfortable with the decision to zone the presidency to the north.

A member of the party’s national executive committee who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals confirmed this development.

The source said: “There are protests against the zoning arrangement recommended by the Ugwanyi committee.

“There are different levels of unrest within the party that the NEC will need to review.

“There are people who are of the opinion that the party should have left open the competition for the post of national presidency, secretary and presidential ticket while other offices should be allowed to stay where they were.

“There are all kinds of turmoil. There are those who believe that taking the national presidency in the north is giving the north an equal chance to present a presidential candidate.

“Nowhere is it written that once the presidency comes from the north, the presidential standard-bearer cannot come from the north, nothing is set in stone, even on the issue of zoning, still generates heat. ”

Another prominent party source who also spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the issue said: “Even in the north, some trends within the area insist. so that the competition is left open instead of going to the micro zone it in the north center.

“Some members of the South East party are also not happy that the office of the national organizing secretary has been taken away from them.

“Those in this school of thought argue that the zoning of the office of the National President and that of the NOS to the north was a political move to disadvantage the entire south. ”

However, north-central party leaders have started consultations ahead of the party’s national executive committee meeting scheduled for Thursday.

Usually, reliable party sources who confirmed this development told our correspondent that the zone is considering a certain number of people if the national executive committee ratify the zoning committee’s decision.

One of the party leaders who also spoke on condition of anonymity so as not to “anticipate Thursday’s NEC meeting said: Ibrahim Idris, Professor Jerry Gana and former Niger state governor , Babangida Aliyu.

The source added: “There is also a challenge. If you say that a Wada or an Idris should take the post of president for example, where are you going to get the secretary from?

“This is because in the PDP, besides regional balancing, we also respect religious balancing. Are you going to the South West where you have a large number of Muslims to choose a Christian as your national secretary? If so, who are you considering?

“The Southwest is also insisting that it be given the presidency first, if it obtains the presidential ticket, it will relinquish the presidency.

“There are also agitations that Senator Bala Mohammed’s committee should also be considered with the Ugwuanyi committee report for balance. The NEC has a lot of work to do on Thursday, but consultations are still ongoing. ”

When contacted, the party’s deputy national publicity secretary, Diran Odeyemi, said: “Unlike other political parties, the PDP is not owned by any Nigerian, all Nigerians own this party.

“What happens in our party today if the proof that our internal dispute resolution mechanism is working. We remain grateful to our Governors, alumni and CEN members for living up to the occasion.

“The suspension of our National President, Uche Secondus by a court decision, has not affected the proper functioning of our party. When the time comes, our party will present the Nigerians with a new national president and a presidential candidate with whom they will gladly partner. ”

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