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NCCISMA Launches Invasive Species Management Video Series | New

By on September 18, 2021 0

NCCISMA launches invasive species management video series

The North Country Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (NCCISMA) has created a series of educational videos on how to control invasive species. Since improper treatment can worsen infestations and spread the plant to new sites, it is important to do it correctly early on. Funding for the videos is provided by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and has been awarded by the US Forest Service to the Mason-Lake Conservation District, acting as the trustee for NCCISMA on this project. Each short video covers recommended methods for effectively controlling invasive plants, the tools needed for the job, and tips on proper invasive species removal.

Three videos are currently available for free on the NCCISMA YouTube page. These short videos provide lots of valuable instruction, but only require a short engagement for the viewer, with each video less than 3 minutes long. The first of these videos provides important practical tips for the novice on the safe handling of herbicides. The second shares two simple techniques that homeowners can use to effectively control Japanese knotweed on their land.

The most recent addition to the video lineup covers oriental bittersweet. Japanese knotweed and oriental bittersweet are notoriously difficult to control and can cause significant damage to homes, foundations, and landscaping. Now, before the winter frost, it’s a great time to do some control work on these species, and the NCCISMA videos will allow landowners to get the job done right and inexpensively.

Other educational videos on controlling invasive species are in development, including one on the fall olive tree and another on Phragmites. NCCISMA is asking people to subscribe to its YouTube channel to help them reach their goal of 100 subscribers.

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