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Lincoln County gives “the boot” to invasive species

By on September 16, 2022 0

Did you know that invasive species can get stuck in your boots, gear, clothes, and even your animal companion’s fur? If you wander through an infested area, it’s possible that you can unknowingly carry these seeds and drop them in areas that haven’t been infested yet! A great way to keep out these invasive hitchhikers is to brush your boots and gear before and after every ride.
During the summer of 2022, Lincoln County Conservation and Lincoln County Forestry partnered to raise awareness of terrestrial invasive species in Lincoln County forests. Made possible by conservation funding, boot brush stations with informative signs were designed and placed at several popular Lincoln County recreation spots. Stations encourage users to use the brush portion of the station to remove mud, dirt, and seed debris from their boots before entering and after leaving trail areas. “If shoes and equipment are not properly cleaned before and after each hike, they can transport invasive species to new areas and trigger new infestations,” explained Thomas Boisvert, conservation program manager. “We hope these stations will empower Lincoln County recreation enthusiasts to help prevent the spread of invasive species.”
In addition to boot brushes, the stations provide identification guides to some of the most common invasive species in Lincoln County forests. “Prevention tools like boot brush stations placed at trailheads and other recreation access points are critical in our fight to stop invasive species,” said Lincoln County Forestry administrator Dean Bowe. . If you would like a closer look, please visit the new boot brush stations located at various trailheads along the Ice Age Trail in Lincoln County. For more information, please contact Thomas Boisvert at 715.539.1054.