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Learn how to get rid of invasive species

By on November 9, 2021 0

MECOSTA COUNTY – Online, people can find a lot of misinformation on how to get rid of invasive species.

The Northern Invasive Species Cooperative Management Zone (NCCISMA) is working to reduce confusion. We have created a series of educational videos on how to deal with specific invasive plants.

These videos are designed to enable people to perform invasive species treatments on their own property.

In general, it is not easy to remove invasive plants, as they often require specific treatment methods. When improperly treated, plants can spread to new places, making the infestation worse. This is why it is important for people to learn how to properly treat invasive plants.

Even when treated properly, invasive plants still require annual monitoring and follow-up treatments.

So far, NCCISMA has posted videos on Japanese knotweed, oriental bittersweet and herbicide safety. In each video, NCCISMA staff show recommended methods for treating specific plants. A rare native species was also seen in each video.

Other videos are in production at the moment, including on Phragmites, Autumn Olive, Wild Parsnip and Gypsy Moth.

These videos can be viewed on the NCCISMA website, www.NorthCountryInvasives.org, and on our YouTube channel. NCCISMA is asking viewers to subscribe and help achieve our goal of reaching 100 YouTube subscribers.

For more information on NCCISMA, visit www.NorthCountryInvasives.org. For more information on how to deal with invasive species, call 231-429-5072 or email [email protected]

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