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Hot product before the heat wave: air conditioners

By on June 2, 2021 0

Air conditioners are flying off the shelves as warmer temperatures approach our region.

MONROE COUNTY, PA – There is still a good supply of air conditioning units here at Steele’s Ace Hardware near Tannersville.

But with a possible heat wave heading our way, these boxes might not be around for long.

That’s why Ron Egloff of Mount Bethel moved quickly to purchase his.

“You know the heat wave is coming and everyone is rushing for them. So you know, we’ve been thinking about the future,” said Ron Egloff, Mount Bethel.

But as with so many other things over the past year and a half, the pandemic is also weighing on the HVAC industry.

There is a nationwide shortage of air conditioning units and parts.

Devesh Randeo is the Store Manager at Steel’s Ace Hardware.

He says the store has tripled its inventory.

“We kind of learned our lesson with the whole COVID and inventory issue. We prepared for that. We kind of buy in advance, and a lot more than we normally buy just to prepare. Right now we have an extreme amount of stock in our store, but they go out really fast once the word gets out, ”said Devesh Randeo, Steel’s Ace Hardware.

If you’re in the market for an air conditioning unit, the best advice from retailers is if you see one get it.

If you cannot find the unit you are looking for, put yourself on a waiting list.

“It looks like it’s still a fallout from the COVID links of people making, not getting enough parts to make units, etc., etc., and bringing the product to market,” said Scott Mathiesen, Jewell TV and Appliance.

Scott Mathiesen owns Jewell TV and Appliance.

He recently sold a dozen units.

“We are awaiting the arrival of our product. We have gone through what we had in stock and we are awaiting the arrival of other products,” said Mathiesen.

Mathiesen says if you’re in that part of the Poconos and looking for an air conditioning unit, call his store.

It is waiting for a shipment and you can put yourself on a waiting list for a unit to be selected.

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