Hanford worker sues Biden, Inslee, over vaccination warrants

By on September 21, 2021 0

A Federal Hanford employee filed a lawsuit against Joe Biden and Governor Inslee, pursuing vaccination warrants.

Biden instituted a mandate for federal workers on September 9, which covers Hanford and contractors. It does not apply to Congress or some civilian jobs.

Time is also running out towards Governor Inslee’s “deadline” of October 18, by which state officials, health workers and law enforcement officials (including firefighters and EMS) must. be fully vaccinated or be made redundant (his own words)

Joseph B. Jensen Sr., the man who filed the complaint, is a Hanford contractor but the complaint does not specify his employer.

The lawsuit says the warrants violate his “Bodily autonomy and bodily integrity” and this prevents him from pursuing the constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

He also names Dr Anthony Faucci in the costume. It lists a timeline of the virus and the steps taken to deal with it. He says in the lawsuit that he has the right to make his own decisions about medical treatment and decisions about his health.

State officials released statements saying they were aware of the lawsuit, which she formally filed in U.S. District Court, for the eastern Washington court.

It will be interesting as we get closer to October 18, and reports indicate that hundreds of state employees, including the Washington State Patrol and many county firefighters and service personnel. emergency medical professionals plan to quit their jobs rather than get vaccinated.

It remains to be seen whether Inslee will actually “fire” someone that day if they aren’t fully immunized. No one in the media except us has really tried to press him and his administration on this issue.

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