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The community of Calwa could officially become part of the city of Fresno, says Mayor Jerry Dyer.

David Taub

Policy 101

“It wouldn’t be a financial benefit to us,” Dyer told the Fresno House Government Affairs Council on Wednesday. “We would absorb it.”

While discussions of annexation of Calwa – with a population of around 2,000 near Cedar and Jensen Avenues – are not new, recent discussions of Measure C have renewed efforts. Dyer presented a plan last week that reformulated the spending equation for the proposed $6.8 billion sales tax expansion for transportation projects.

About $187 million will be taken from unincorporated parts of Fresno County and spent in cities instead. Dyer said annexing towns would eventually even out the money the county is losing.

When land is annexed to a city like Fresno, the city and the county split the tax revenue. At one point it was a 50/50 split. Then it was 38%/62% in favor of the department. The tax sharing agreement expired two years ago.

Dyer agreed to return to the 38/62 split with the updated Measure Plane C. He says he discussed annexation with Councilman Luis Chavez and Fresno County Supervisor Sal Quintero.

Above: Mayor Jerry Dyer discusses Measure C with the Council on Government Affairs. (GVWire/David Taub). Below is a map of Calwa. (GV Wire/Paul Marshall)

Also in Politics 101…

  • Marijuana retail in Fresno may have started, but not a tax-spending committee.
  • The Fresno City Council is meeting during a scheduled vacation week.

Still no marijuana spending committee

Now that the first two retail marijuana stores have opened in Fresno, the city is finally collecting sales tax – 10% of sales.

Voters passed Measure A in 2018, which is supposed to establish a nine-member committee to recommend how to spend the money. Ten percent of the tax collected goes to a separate community assistance fund.

To date, no one has been nominated to serve on the Board of Directors. The mayor has two selections and each council member has one. Measure A did not specify a timetable for the establishment of the committee.

Up to 21 cannabis retail licenses will be issued – only one license remains unissued.

The city also faced seven lawsuits from unsuccessful candidates. The city has prevailed in two of them so far. The remaining litigation is at various stages of the legal process.

Council working during his break

Although Fresno City Council had no meetings scheduled since passing the budget on June 30, it held two closed meetings this week.

On Tuesday, the city council met to discuss the bus drivers’ contract. On Thursday the council met to discuss the purchase of the Tower Theatre.

The escrow did not close on Thursday on the city’s purchase of the theater for $6 million.

Neither meeting produced an outcome announcement. The next regularly scheduled meeting is July 21.