Christopher Luxon to unveil shadow cabinet in major leadership “test”

By on December 5, 2021 0

Luxon, after just a year as a politician, was elected leader of National unopposed last Tuesday after Bridges withdrew from the leadership race.

The vacancy came after a vote of no confidence in Collins after she suddenly demoted Bridges, thinking she wanted to challenge her. It is understood that Luxon received support from Collins and his small group of supporters, which could have given him a majority if the caucus had voted. This means Collins and his followers will likely expect something in return.

Collins having already made it clear that she wants to run in the 2023 election, Dr Greaves said all eyes will be on the former leader’s location in the new national team.

“Having been a chief before, but also having been a minister in the past, [Collins] is someone I think a lot of people would choose to be on their way to retirement. It’s interesting that she wants to stay.

“Some of these MPs who are staying for Christopher Luxon are a good thing because people have already pointed out his inexperience. If you are a politician and people point out your inexperience, having this strong team behind you where you can say, “Well, that person was a minister” could be a real strength. “

Dr Greaves believed Bridges to remain an MP, although he would not return to the leadership role, was a testament to his commitment to public service.

“It may be that he has the desire to try and get leadership when Luxon potentially loses the 2023 election, or it may just be that Bridges has decided that in any future national government he wants a very important role. , such as the Minister of Finance.

“Bridges could have hit the road where he retired or moved, sit on a bunch of boards or do other community stuff… but it looks like Bridges wants to stay and maybe it really speaks to his. motivations where he may want to try to make a change for New Zealanders. “

The other remaining former MP leader is Todd Muller, who briefly led the party between May and July last year after he ousted Bridges in a coup. He resigned from his post after suffering from health problems.

While Muller announced earlier this year that he would retire in the next election and not attend caucus meetings after being discovered in the media against a colleague, Dr Greaves said the MP of Bay of Plenty could rethink that under Luxon.

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