Losing red spruce, losing a whole suite of species

by on May 24, 2022 0

Editor’s Note: This article is part two of Carolina Public Press’ five-part Fraught Forests series, which examines the challenges of climate change for mountain forests in western North Carolina. Marquette CrockettThe Highlands of Roan Stewardship Manager of the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, inspects a tiny red spruce tree barely protruding from the forest floor...

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Five endangered species in India

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We live in a world where fascinating animals, insects, plants and other creatures are threatened with extinction. May 20 is celebrated as Endangered Species Day. The day is observed to celebrate, learn and take action to protect threatened and endangered species. The day was established by David Robinson and the Endangered Species Coalition in...

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RTL Today – Invasive species: 72 turtles captured and euthanized in the Rëmerschen nature reserve

by on May 13, 2022 0

The Ministry of the Environment confirmed that a number of turtles had been captured with “turtle traps” and euthanized in the “Haff Réimech” nature reserve near Remerschen. Environment Minister Joëlle Welfring answered a parliamentary question from pirate MP Marc Goergen, confirming that 72 turtles had been put to sleep by a veterinarian. Tiago de...

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New species of fireflies shine in forest at Coimbatore’s Anamalai Tiger Reserve – Reuters

by on May 4, 2022 0

Express press service COIMBATORE: A new species of synchronous fireflies has been identified at the Anamalai Tiger Reserve where several thousand fireflies have transformed much of the protected forest into a bioluminescent world similar to an Avatar movie. The bioluminescent world of Pandora in the movie Avatar may be fictional, but the phenomenon has...

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A species of centipede named after Taylor Swift

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In a crossover you wouldn’t usually expect, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is honored as the namesake of a newly discovered species of centipede. The centipede was named Nannaria Swiftae as it was discovered in Tennessee, where Swift moved at the age of 14 and took her first steps in music. The naming was announced by...

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One in five reptile species threatened with extinction

by on April 27, 2022 0

More than one in five reptile species worldwide are at risk of extinction, researchers have determined in a new paper which marks the culmination of more than 20 years of slow research. In addition to facing human-made threats to their survival, scaled creatures have faced bias in conservation priorities. Resource-strapped conservationists have had to...

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Frogs: Six tiny new species discovered in Mexico

by on April 25, 2022 0

Jameson et al./Museum of Natural History Here are some of the world’s smallest frogs ever found! Scientists have discovered not one – but SIX – new species of frogs living in the Mexican forest. Some of the frogs are so small they are smaller than the size of a penny! Experts say the reason...

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Senators’ Wolf column ignores species vitriol

by on April 21, 2022 0

Gray wolves in the Northern Rockies need federal protection to stave off the onslaught of measures states have enacted to kill as many as possible. The senses. Steve Daines of Montana and Jim Risch of Idaho recently lambasted the US Interior Sec. Deb Haaland for her opinion piece questioning how states are managing their...

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Even the cactus might not be immune to climate change

by on April 14, 2022 0

“It’s a popular cactus image,” said David G. Williams, a professor of botany at the University of Wyoming who was not involved in the new research. “’Ah, we don’t have to worry about cacti. Look at them, they have thorns, they grow in this terrible environment. “But cacti, like most plants, exist in a...

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Auburn is taking steps to protect its biodiversity

by on April 8, 2022 0

On a walk down South College Street, the branches of nearby trees can be seen reaching out towards the cemented road, and not far from the road, bees are buzzing around nearby flowering bushes. Auburn is home to a variety of native species, with Alabama generally ranked as the fourth most biodiverse state. According...

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An artist’s multi-species mythology, inspired by his cat

by on April 6, 2022 0

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Conceived over months of close companionship with her cat, Roger, Candice Lin’s Seeping, rotting, resting, weeping at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts implements a process of otherworldly construction in which multi-species relationships – earthbound and chthonic, human and non-human – are essential to our continued survival. Set in a...

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Health implications: The common herbicide 2,4-D threatens the health of most species, especially vertebrates

by on April 5, 2022 0

(Beyond pesticidesMarch 31, 2022) A meta-analysis by Federal University of Technology – Paraná finds that the 2,4-D herbicide causes indiscriminate damage, increasing the mortality rate in exposed animals. The severity of chemical exposure depends on the susceptibility of the species, the rate of exposure and the stage of the life cycle. However, commercial formulations...

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Experts are sounding the alarm as 86% of plant species are threatened with extinction – The Sun Nigeria

by on March 28, 2022 0

From Uche Usim, Abuja Agriculture Experts and plant scientists working with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the International Support Network for African Development (ISNAD-Africa) have sounded the alarm over the possible loss of 24,000 or 86% of 28 000 species of plants in the world for harmful agricultural activities. Analysts, in a policy...

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Introduction of 212 new species of freshwater fish

by on March 25, 2022 0

Scientists discovered 212 species of freshwater fish in 2021, according to a new report from conservation organization Shoal. At a time when we hear so much about animals facing extinction, the report is a happy reminder that there are still many species yet to be discovered by science. Continue reading below Our featured videos...

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Proposed reclassification of endangered bat species –

by on March 24, 2022 0

Northern bat showing visible symptoms of white-nose syndrome. LaSalle County, Illinois. January 2013 (University of Illinois/Steve Taylor) WASHINGTON (CBS19 NEWS) — There is now a proposal to reclassify the northern myotis as endangered under the Endangered Species Act. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service says the species is currently listed as threatened, but...

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Virus causes ‘catastrophic loss’ of fish species in Lake Kansas

by on March 16, 2022 0

TOPEKA (KSNT) – A potentially deadly virus affecting fish is crossing Kansas lakes, causing a drastic decrease in the population of local species, including largemouth bass. According to a Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks newsletter, the largemouth bass virus has been circulating in several Kansas lakes, causing largemouth bass populations to decline rapidly....

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UP projects receive grants for invasive species work | News, Sports, Jobs

by on March 15, 2022 0

MARQUETTE — The State of Michigan announced that 31 projects will share $3.6 million in grants under the Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program. The program – cooperatively implemented by the Michigan Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development; Environment, Great Lakes and Energy; and Natural Resources – addresses the prevention, detection, eradication, and...

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Saginaw Bay CISMA seeks to actively control invasive species

by on March 13, 2022 0

The Saginaw Bay Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area is looking to expand its presence in Huron County by educating about the dangers of invasive species. The Saginaw Bay CISMA coverage area includes Arenac, Bay, Saginaw, Huron, Tuscola and Sanilac counties. It was founded in 2017 under the Michigan Invasive Species Grant program as part...

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Not seen in 40 years, critically endangered bat species discovered in Rwanda, World News

by on March 10, 2022 0

In a welcome development, a critically endangered species of bat, which has not been seen for 40 years, has been discovered in Rwanda. The “incredible” discovery appears to have thrilled conservationists, who feared it was already extinct. Hill’s horseshoe bat is currently surviving in Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest, the consortium behind the find said. Read...

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Petition urges Biden administration to strengthen endangered species law to save life on Earth

by on March 8, 2022 0

WASHINGTON—The Center for Biological Diversity today filed a comprehensive legal petition urging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service to take bold and unprecedented action to stem the global wildlife extinction crisis by strengthening endangered species law enforcement regulations. Noting that “extinction is not inevitable – it’s a political...

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76 bird species spotted on Nitte University campus

by on February 27, 2022 0

Campus Bird Count 2022 was conducted at Nitte University’s Mangalore Campus, led by the Nitte University Center for Science Education and Research (NUCSER). This year, ornithologists have counted 76 species of birds on campus. Experts have predicted the number to increase to over 100 species on various Nitte DU campuses with various green initiatives...

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How some species can go extinct twice and why we should care

by on February 25, 2022 0

Some species disappear twice – once when the last individual stops breathing, and a second time when our collective memory about the species disappears © Copyright by GrrlScientist | @GrrlScientist | hosted by Forbes An extinct Thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian tiger or marsupial wolf (Thylacinus … cynocephalus) at Beaumaris Zoo in...

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Proposed Draft Recovery Plan for 44 Endangered Hawaiian Species on Maui Nui

by on February 16, 2022 0

Bidens campylotheca ssp. waihoiensis (koʻokoʻolau) (left); and Cyanea duvalliorum (hāhā) (right). Photos by Hank Oppenheimer, PEPP The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has released a draft recovery plan for 44 endangered species that occur or have occurred on the Hawaiian islands of Molokaʻi, Lānaʻi, Kahoʻolawe, and Maui, collectively known as Maui Nui. Recovery plans...

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The “Most Wanted” list leads to rediscovered species. The conservation group aims to find 8 more.

by on February 15, 2022 0

Since the beginning of the Re:wild program, eight species have been rediscovered, surprising even those in charge of the program, who were not sure of finding any of the lost species. Among the rediscovered animals are two species in Africa: a tiny mouse-sized elephant shrew called Somali sengi in Djibouti, and the Voeltzkow’s Chameleon...

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Chinese bird watchers estimate over 200 bird species in Hainan wetlands – Society & Culture

by on February 4, 2022 0

HAIKOU /China/, February 2. /TASS/. Chinese ornithologists have completed a pilot project to study feathered residents of wetlands in Hainan province. According to the Hainan Daily newspaper, scientists have come to the conclusion that the wetlands of this tropical island are inhabited by 206 species of birds. Experts surveyed 32 territories, where they established...

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New Texas mussel discovery may impact ecosystems

by on February 2, 2022 0

The new mussel discovery may have an effect on lake ecosystems in Texas. AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) reports a new species of mold that was first detected in Texas. According to a TPWD press release, quagga mussels were discovered by National Park Service (NPS) personnel at the Amistad...

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Cougars interact with nearly 500 different species

by on February 1, 2022 0

In a way, cougars are the social butterflies of the animal kingdom, according to a new study. Feral cats maintain relationships with 485 species, playing a key role in Western Hemisphere ecosystems. cougars (concolor pumalisten)) are also known as cougars, pumas, and Florida panthers. It is one of the largest carnivores in the Americas...

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Are magazines inserted in newspapers an endangered species?

by on January 30, 2022 0

To share Tweeter To share E-mail Glossy magazines have long been a staple of the newspaper industry. Publishers use them, usually on weekends, or some Fridays for The Australian and The Australian Financial Reviewas an incentive for readers and advertisers to invest. However, last weekend in the UK, a great sunday newspaper backed off...

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Could grackles replace humans as the dominant species on Earth?

by on January 29, 2022 0

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) – It’s not a nightmare. Grackles are everywhere, winged demons watching our every move. CBS7 asked Michael Nickell, a scientist and naturalist at the Sibley Center museum in Midland, to ask the tough questions. “We actually have two species of grackle here,” Nickell said. “The common grackle and the great-tailed grackle,...

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No new invasive species found in Lake George in 2021 | Local

by on January 25, 2022 0

LAKE GEORGE — After eight years of boat inspections, Lake George has no new aquatic invasive species. “This is perhaps the most profound statement that can be made regarding this historic program,” the Lake George Park Commission said in a news release. The Parks Commission’s mandatory boat inspection program was created in 2014 after...

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New species of lizard discovered in Arunachal Pradesh

by on January 19, 2022 0

A team of Indian and Russian researchers have unearthed an unknown group of skink family lizards from Arunachal Pradesh. The team consisted of researchers from the National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore (NCBS), Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai (BNHS), Abasaheb Garware College, Pune (AGC), and Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat (VNSGU) and Moscow...

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Red Sanders falls back into IUCN endangered category

by on January 10, 2022 0

Red Sanders has fallen back into the “endangered” category of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. The species, Pterocarpus santalinus, is a tree species endemic to India, with a restricted geographical area in the Eastern Ghats. The species is endemic to a distinct stretch of forests in Andhra Pradesh....

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researchers discover new species of wasp-like flower flies | News Thiruvananthapuram

by on January 4, 2022 0

Thiruvananthapuram: A three-member team of Indian and German researchers, including an urban researcher, collaborated to discover two new species of very rare wasps like the flower flies of northeast India and the Western Ghats. The newly described species’ Monoceromyia flavoscutata ‘and’ M. nigra ‘belongs to the Syrphidae family. The results were published in the...

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Increased populations of Missouri fur-bearing species; Possible extension of hunting season Ozark Radio News

by on December 30, 2021 0

Due to the long-term increases in the populations of certain species of furbearing animals and the decrease in global demand and trade for fur products, authorities in our state of Missouri are considering the possibility of extending the hunting and trapping dates for certain species. The extension would apply to eight different species: bobcats,...

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New ichthyosaur species discovered was dinosaur ocean monster

by on December 24, 2021 0

The skull of the first giant creature to ever live on Earth, the ichthyosaur “Cymbospondylus youngorum” currently on display at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM). Credit: Photo by Natalja Kent, courtesy of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM) The two-meter skull of a newly discovered species of...

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2 new species of fish discovered in Palawan

by on December 23, 2021 0

Rhinogobius tandikan (top) owes its name to the striking resemblance of its blue body markings to those of the Palawan peacock pheasant known locally as the “tandikan”. Rhinogobius estrellae (bottom) takes its name from the Estrella Falls in Palawan where it was first discovered. Photo courtesy of Dr Ken Maeda, OIST, Japan; and Dr...

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Why invasive plants repelling native flora bring us closer to a “new pangea”

by on December 18, 2021 0

According to the world’s first analysis of plant diversity, the world’s flora is increasingly uniform, even on isolated islands like Australia. For decades, scientists have been warning the world that we are heading into a new geological era, called “homogenecene”, when unique life forms are eclipsed by more adaptable species that can live alongside...

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vulture: Rajasthan: seven rare vulture species spotted in Jaisalmer district | Jaipur News

by on December 10, 2021 0

JAISALMER: Of the nine endangered vulture species found in the country, seven were spotted in the Pokhran subdivision in Jaisalmer this winter. Various parts of the district, including Degrai Oran, Lathi, Dholiya and DNP, witnessed a massive influx of winged guests from various countries with cold weather. Apart from this, different species of local...

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Why the doctor was so excited

by on December 6, 2021 0

Doctor Who: Flux introduced viewers to Bel and Vinder – where are they from and why did the Doctor react so strongly to Bel’s pregnancy? This article contains spoilers for Doctor Who: Flux episode 6. Doctor Who: Flux Episode 6 gave Bel and her lover Vinder a “Happily Ever After” – but left more...

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Endangered Species in Victoria | Canberra weather

by on December 2, 2021 0

news, latest news Thousands of animals and plants could go extinct in Victoria due to climate change, invasive species and habitat loss, a parliamentary inquiry has found. A two-year survey of ecosystem decline, tabled in Parliament on Thursday, found native species are experiencing significant declines in population size and distribution. About 2,000 animals, plants...

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