Boys boss says spinoff is ‘Marvel perverted’ exciting

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The boys Showrunner Erik Kripke teased the series’ next spinoff, admitting that it is “exciting in this genre in a perverse Marvel way.”

Announced last year, the new series will follow a new batch of young superheroes to a college run by the evil corporation Vought International.

Opening up on the status of the currently untitled show, Kripke said Hollywood journalist: “We write furiously. I think it’s going really well.

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“It’s exciting in that kind of perverse Marvel way – in how the different Marvel projects are very different: one is a thriller, the other is a comedy.

“Sounds like that too, but with a ton more cock jokes.”

The spin-off has been described as a college show and part Hunger games, as hormonal superheroes put their power to the test and vie for the best contracts in the outside world.

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Amazon Prime Video recently launched another mini spin-off called Seven out of 7 on VNN on YouTube, which will be released on the 7th of each month until the launch of Season 3 and “bridge the gap” between seasons 2 and 3.

However, a release date for The boys Season 3 remains under wraps as it stands – so watch this space. What we do know, however, is that Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles joins the cast, as there is speculation that The walking dead‘s Jeffrey Dean Morgan will join the world of supes.

The boys seasons 1 and 2 are available in full on Amazon Prime Video. Season 3 does not yet have a broadcast date.

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