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Best Movies on UK TV: January 3, 2021

By on March 11, 2021 0

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Fantastic Beasts and The Crimes of Grindelwald, Fault in Their Stars.

Choose from heart-wrenching romance, fantastic beasts and dreamlike journeys like TopFilmTip brings you the best movies on TV on Sunday January 3, 2021.

Some movies may require a Sky subscription.

Decidedly, an average 80s kid becomes a shaggy boastful hero- van surf, Boof-mauling, basketball, drunken jewel of confidence Teen wolf 11:00 Movie 4

Socially astute and willful teenager seduces abused piece of dancing beef amid stimulating sexual arousal / grind-a-thon Dirty dance 12h00 Sony Movies

Murdered by evil Android USA, simple saviors befriend / Melvin Death, cross the afterlife, co-opt Martians to save the future in Rock-fantasy Bill and Ted’s False Trip 12:35 ITV4

Alex Winter, William Sadler and Keanu Reeves in 'Bill & amp;  Ted's False Trip ”.  (Credit: Orion)

Alex Winter, William Sadler and Keanu Reeves in “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey”. (Credit: Orion)

In five decades, four generations of American settlers are winning and losing fortunes, surviving bandits, wars and nature to build a highway. Sprawling epic How the West was won 12:35 BBC two

Charismatic chameleon helps drought-stricken townspeople escape the clutches of corruption in inspired, quirky children’s western Rango 12.50 p.m. Movie 4

The fake prince and the little monkey boy have decided to wage an uphill battle for the fortune of a rich woman Dirty rotten scoundrels 2:30 p.m. ITV4

Fleeing headhunter and misfits join circus – pope’s ring steals from fun to love between species Madagascar 3: the most wanted in Europe 3:25 p.m. Channel 4

On the hunt for nasty bosses for their existentially shattered species, random spawned bumblers find criminal / ban-chick fun The servers 4:15 p.m. ITV2

The thorny perpetrator is redeemed as she excises excruciating emotional baggage, bringing beloved Mary Poppins to life Save Mr. Banks 5:00 p.m. BBC two

Dodging traps, looting graves, swordsman shooting, stealing artifacts, serpent burner comes absolutely nowhere The Raiders of the Lost Ark 5:30 p.m. Channel 4

LOS ANGELES - JUNE 12: The movie: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, (aka: `` Raiders of the Lost Ark ''), directed by Steven Spielberg.  Seen here, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.  First theatrical release on June 12, 1981. Screenshot.  A primordial image.  (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark directed by Steven Spielberg. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

Rescue Team Saving, M&M Joint Dusting, Heartbroken Hero Parody of Action Classics with Chicken Archery Hot Shots! Second part 5:30 p.m. CENTRAL COMEDY

Magizoologist involved in magical operation to derail maniacal plot of malicious wizards to install mage-supremacist Reich over Muggles Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 5:35 p.m. ITV1

Spitting the shadows of cancer, two young lives intertwine in a sharp and shrewd tale of sincere and unfailing love The fault in our stars 6:35 p.m. E4

Broken Billionaire Gathers Super-Friends to Resurrect Alien Deity and Defeat Authorized Destroyer in DC’s Third Time Justice League 20:00 ITV2

Treacherous trio seek golden grave in bridge bombardment, double pass, shot at western perfection The good the bad and the ugly 9:00 p.m. Paramount Network

Bank robber magicians stay ahead of relentless FBI agent in mystery abusing rabbit in pursuit of frenzied thriller Now you see me 9:00 p.m. SyFy

Successful college student watches in dismay as bohemian billionaire BF and pugnacious father argue over her: Chekhov’s moosing comedy Why him? 9:00 p.m. Movie 4

Watch an excerpt from Why him?

Office / Marine Conduct Doctor Must Ruin Nurse Who Kicks Ruskie’s Plot For Economic War In Bath Murder Reboot Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit 9:00 p.m. E4

Uber cool Miami gangster goes to Hollywood and uses his skills to become a filmmaker while listening to the best jazzy soundtrack Get Shorty 9:00 p.m. Sony Movies

If anyone can save the queen, can the terrorist / thespian / fish supercopist kill Frank Drebin in 10 laughs / minute perfect The naked pistol: files from the police squad! 9:00 p.m. CENTRAL COMEDY

Defibrillating medical school hotties navigate looming nightmares in innovative psychological horror gem and guilt guiding guide Flatliners 9:00 p.m. Horror chain

Bored Pilot Finds Excitement As CIA / Cartel Money Launderer: A Surprisingly True Story Made in america 10:05 p.m. Channel 4

Tom Cruise & amp;  # 39;  partially to blame & amp;  # 39;  for the deaths of pilots on American Made claims court documents

Tom Cruise in American Made (Universal)

Would Elijah Wood Become Creepy, Scalping Obsessed, Model Collector, Psychopathic POV Serial Killer? Elijah Wood would like to enter Maniacal 00:50 Horror chain

Decades apart, an Amazon shaman guides two men in search of a sacred flower in Heart Of Darkness in a dreamlike wonder Serpent’s embrace 1 h 05 Movie 4

Traumatized teenager, unhooked in time, changes her past only to make the future worse in Vonnegut-esque brain bender Butterfly Effect 1 h 05 Sony Movies

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