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“Balance hodgepodge” caused difficulties for Verstappen for Turkish GP FP2

By on October 8, 2021 0

After finishing second in the Turkish Grand Prix FP1, four tenths behind Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, Verstappen slipped to fifth in second practice behind teammate Sergio Perez and more than six tenths behind leaders Hamilton.

During the afternoon session Verstappen appeared to be struggling with understeer and on the team radio he reported that the car was exhibiting “strange” cornering behavior.

According to team boss Horner, the team failed to get Verstappen’s car in the right window as track conditions improved dramatically and said the team would have a long night ahead of them. to get it right for Saturday.

“We have a bit of a mishmash of balance,” Horner explained to Sky Sports F1.

“The circuit is a lot more grippy than it was last year, I think we’re just a little out of the window with Max in the set-up.

“It will be a busy midnight oil-burning night with the engineers and back to Milton Keynes as well.”

Horner said he wasn’t too worried that Friday’s slow start would jeopardize Red Bull’s chances this weekend.

When asked if he was convinced the team would rectify the situation, he replied: “I think so, it’s just about understanding the problem. We know we have a good car, it s. So it’s just coming into that window and I don’t think we’ve reached it today. “

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB16B

Photo By: Zak Mauger / Motorsport Images

Verstappen is set to turn his two-point deficit over title rival Hamilton into a lead in Turkey, with the seven-time world champion incurring a 10-grid penalty for using his fourth internal combustion engine this season .

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Horner believes Red Bull will need a solid weekend to make the most of Hamilton’s midfield start, as the Mercedes appears to be suited to the reworked track surface of Istanbul Park, which offers much more opportunity. grip than last year.

“We expected Mercedes to be strong here, they are strong here. We’re going to have to go there to try to capitalize on that grid penalty,” he admitted.

“I think their car seems to have pretty little degradation, it’s pretty soft on its tires.

“This surface is temperature sensitive. And we can see with what they did, it got even more sensitive in some ways where the grip level increased, but the sensitivity is still there, so it’s okay. play a key role.

“And who knows that there will also be a little rain tomorrow, maybe even Sunday, so it could be another thriller.”

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