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Alec Baldwin’s Rust co-star Jensen Ackles spoke about the days of gun training before filming

By on October 22, 2021 0

Alec baldwin Rust Co-star Jensen Ackles has opened up about the pistol training he received for the film just days before the set was rocked by a deadly shootout.

Baldwin was filming the movie Western in New Mexico when he discharged a propeller pistol, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza.

The previous weekend, Ackles had described how he had been taught to wield his firearm on the Rust set at a convention for his hit show Supernatural in Denver.

“I have a call at 6 am tomorrow to have a big shootout. They made me choose my weapon… The gunsmith said to me: “Do you have any experience with firearms? “I was like, ‘A little bit,'” Ackles told fans in a video posted on YouTube.

“She was like, ‘This is how you load it, make sure it’s safe. Do you want it drawn at the hip or as a cross? I’m just going to put blanks in it and fire a few shots up the hill … just make sure you pull the hammer all the way back and aim your target.

It was not immediately clear whether the gunsmith Ackles was referring to is the same one who is alleged to have given the propeller pistol to Baldwin before Thursday’s shooting.


A witness to the shooting said Showbiz411 Baldwin fired a single shot that went through Ms Hutchins’ body and then hit Mr Souza in the collarbone.

Afterwards, Baldwin repeatedly asked why he had been given a “hot gun”, the outlet reported.

“In all my years, I have never received a hot gun,” he reportedly said, referring to a live ammunition gun.

Ms Hutchins died on her way to hospital in a helicopter, while Mr Souza was discharged.

Police said the investigation remains “open and active” and “no charges have been laid in relation to the incident” so far.

Many in the film industry reacted to the tragedy by saying that it highlighted the need for improved security measures on set. Ms Hutchins announced her intention to protest the issue in an Instagram post two days before her death.

Following the shoot, several movie propmasters spoke about the strict rules regarding guns on the set and wondered if the appropriate protocols were being followed by the Rust gunsmith, who has yet to be named publicly.

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