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Travel insurance – a basic necessity or money thrown in the wind?

Summer is a vacation time when many go on a well-deserved vacation. Very often the rest consists of traveling abroad. Traveling is indeed a great way of relaxation because it is an opportunity to be in a new environment at the same time, to escape from your daily worries and to have a good time relaxing.

Unexpected spending

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Unfortunately, being away from home makes us less vulnerable to a variety of disasters, including injuries and illness. That’s why a service like travel insurance is offered. Not all travelers are willing to use it and most do not consider it necessary, but how is it really – is travel insurance a must-have when traveling to feel safe and protected from huge, unexpected spending, or is it a waste of money?

How often do injuries occur during a trip?

People regard travel insurance as a waste because they do not know how often various accidents occur during travel. Many people think that injuries and illnesses are relatively unlikely to occur during the trip, especially if the trip does not last more than a month. What is the chance that just when you are going somewhere, you will fall ill or be upset if you are a strong and healthy person who does not face such adversity every day? But, in fact, travel accidents are quite common. Statistics show that 33% of travelers suffer injuries or illness while traveling. This is a high enough percentage to consider travel insurance a worthwhile investment.

What does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance mainly covers treatment and repatriation costs in the event of an accident or illness while abroad. When and to what extent medical treatment expenses are and are not covered are covered by the travel insurance contract, but in most cases all types of injuries, as well as acute illnesses, are fully or partially covered by insurance. The countries of operation, such as only the European Union and the European Economic Area, or the world as a whole, can also opt for a travel insurance policy. Some companies also offer to include additional risks in the policy, such as theft, traffic jams or damage caused by natural disasters.

Isn’t the EHIC card enough?

Those who understand something about travel insurance know that there is a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which is available to all citizens of the European Union completely free of charge. So the question often arises – is it not enough to have an EHIC card and why do you need to spend extra on travel insurance? It should be understood that the EHIC card provides only basic emergency medical care, and only in European countries. The EHIC card provides the same amount of emergency medical care as is provided to the citizens of the country concerned, but in the case of a minor injury or a mild illness, the treatment will have to be paid for itself and quite substantial amounts.

When is Travel Insurance a Basic Need?

When is Travel Insurance a Basic Need?

Travel insurance is useful for absolutely every trip, but in some cases you can never do without it. Travel insurance outside the European Union should be considered as a basic necessity for travel insurance first, as you will not be able to obtain even free emergency medical care. Secondly, travel insurance is a must-have for anyone planning an active vacation, as there is an increased risk of injury. Third, it is necessary for those traveling to exotic lands where there is an increased risk of catching a disease. Likewise, this insurance should be purchased for longer trips, as the likelihood of something going wrong in the long run is much greater.

Travel insurance is by no means redundant money. Even if nothing bad happens to you while traveling, and you have purchased an insurance policy for nothing, you at least get peace of mind, which is also important. However, it is much more enjoyable to travel when you know that someone will take care of you in the event of an accident without having to pay huge sums of money.

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