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Credit for truck driving license


The truck driver’s license, like a conventional or a motorcycle driver’s license, must be financed independently. The costs may vary depending on your previous education and the type of driving school, but those affected must expect four-digit costs. As a result, it is not so easy to simply take out a truck driver’s license on the side. On the one hand, of course, the money must first be available, but the time in the driver’s license must also be invested by the person concerned.

Conventional Installment loan

Conventional Installment loan

In addition, a truck driver’s license is usually only required if you want to look for a new job and need it for this. This often creates a dilemma for those affected, because it is precisely when the unemployed try to change jobs that the driver’s license must first be financed. Without the driver’s license, there are no chances of finding a job as a truck driver in the German labor market.

The result is a closed cycle that those affected can only break if they can either raise the money for the driver’s license themselves or take out a loan for the truck driver’s license. As a rule, a conventional installment loan, for example from a direct bank, is taken out for a loan for the truck driver’s license and paid back over the specified term. The required amount, which should fluctuate between 500 and 3000 USD, still falls under the term micro or small loan.

Get a foothold in professional life

Get a foothold in professional life

The credit for the truck driver’s license is often more than just another document for the person concerned, because this driver’s license may enable employment in an industry that was previously completely out of reach. It is certainly advantageous if you consider switching to a truck driver or freight forwarder as long as there is still an active permanent position with another employee. So you can cover a little bit for the driver’s license and usually take it alongside your own working hours.

However, if you are already unemployed, financing a new driver’s license becomes complicated, because those affected must now live on the ALG or Hartz IV payments, which simply leave no scope for financing a driver’s license. Nevertheless, those affected want to get back into the working world sooner or later, which is why this one-time investment in the truck driving license can be worthwhile.

The loan itself can then be chosen with a short or long term, depending on your own ideas and options. Borrowers and future truck drivers should bear in mind that short monthly installments result in higher monthly installments, while long term loans benefit from lower monthly installments.

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